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iTrak is a simple and effective Health and Safety compliance software solution built for multiple industries. iTrak digitises the health and safety and personnel tracking functions at sites, with industry leading features such as electronic sign in/out, real time hazard identification, live incident reporting, the ability to remotely update your on-site documents from anywhere, in real-time, and a huge variety of reporting options.

Data is captured on a site tablet or phone, stored in the cloud and real time access is available to any authorised person via both a mobile app and web based portal. With real time alerts, auto and manual reporting as well as the ability to customise and brand interfaces to any customers requirements iTrak sets the new industry standard for managing sites both large and small.

Digital delivery of your Health and Safety programme in real-time

Instant alerts so you can keep eyes on all your sites, all the time

Real-time, on-site hazard identification with instant notifications

Variety of reporting options including live incident reporting

How iTrak Works


It’s simple to sign in and out of sites and iTrak remembers your details for next time making it faster and easier. It’s quick and easy to report incidents in real-time, register hazards, complete on-site inspections as well as team talks.


All data is stored safely and securely in the cloud and synced with mobile devices. If you are offline iTrak continues to work and syncs up with the cloud the next time you are online. You can also access and manage everything through a secure web portal.


You can choose to receive instant alerts and/or email alerts direct to your smartphone. At the same time, you can also access live reporting. Changes made to sites update instantly keeping sites live and current.

iTraks Set of Features

iTrak is packed full of powerful and innovative features we have crafted specifically to be simple to use, by anyone.

  • Quick and easy sign in process that can be customised to your needs. This ensures that all legislative health and safety requirements are met.
  • In 30 seconds the sign in process covers site induction, hazards, evacuations, site specific documents and any daily notices.
Quick, easy and customisable sign in and out process from you tablet or smartphone
Display site notices on sign in that require users to agree to before continuing
Remembers your details for next time based on your Staff ID or your Site Safe passport
Full control over which trades are displayed. They don't need to be trades, they can be anything!
You decide which questions are asked, per trade, and if they are required or optional
Full hazard register. Register hazards ahead of time or in real-time as they are brought on-site
Manage on-site documents from anywhere and you decide whether they are required or optional during sign in
  • At a glance managers can see their sites, people signed in or out, incidents, hazards and reporting data all in real-time.
  • Managers can also set inspection reminders, daily notices, manage sign in rules and alert preferences as well as detailed site information.
Managers have secure and instant access to a variety of user-friendly and powerful features
Managers see their full list of sites and can manage full site details and the site manager. Can set inspection reminders, daily notices and much more
See a snapshot of people signed in or out of sites and can see their contact details, sign in/out activity as well as a detailed report of each sign in
See a snapshot of all incidents, as well as their age, and filter by status or severity. Click to see full incident details and to update the status.
See real-time live reporting of people signed in or out and incidents, visually. Filter by trade or incident severity. Reports can be emailed and scheduled.
See full list of all completed inspections and click in to see full details. Inspections can be completed easily, simply complete a form and attach a photo.
Manage your account details, alert preferences and update company settings. Senior managers can add/remove site managers and add new building sites.

iTrak Pricing

We know that your Health and Safety spend is important, so iTrak offers a tiered pricing system to allow you to only pay for what you use and upgrade only when required.

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